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Human Agency

I want to say that "force beyond our control" controls and has a bigger influence as well as impact on our lives. This reason being is because I want to say that at least seventy percent of our lives runs around our parents. For example I can not go to my friends house with out my parents consent and okay, I would also need some type of way to get there. So that is up to whether our parents want to let us and if they are up for that. Another example is us going to school and that takings up about fifty percent of our day. We do not get the choice of whether we want to go to school or not because by law we are forced to. So you see the point that I am trying to make here, we  do NOT have control over more that half of our lives.


$ Fortune $

If I were ever to inherit to a fortune, I would first pay off my family's debt or what ever they might owe. Then I would spend a little bit for something that me and my family can all enjoy like some type of outing. Then I would put most of the remaining money into savings just in case of any type of emergency, but I would also keep some money for me and my family to spend a little bit on nik-naks here and there. I think some problems that might occur If I ever got fortune would possibly be people breaking into my home, threats, family being abducted for ransom, etc. Ways I can prevent problems like that from happening is what my dad always says that if we were ever to win the lottery and get a lot of money he would make us move and keep hidden for a while to keep us safe. He also said that he would not let us tell anyone and keep the money locked up. So I would react the same way.



The emotions and values that I think are symbolized by the songs Kino hears are probably bad things or a way that he can connect with events that happen in his life. For example the reason that I believe this is because on page five in the book it says something about Kino, that in his mind he was hearing an evil song and a song from the enemy. Right after that his son got stung by the scorpion. I can not recall having an experience that I have had that would allow me to relate to Kino's experience of hearing songs in my head.


KBAR 22: How Julia Came To Be

Julia Carolyn McWilliams, most commonly known as "Julia Child" was a french that I have heard about by other people in food industry. One thing that I really liked was how she just went with her things that she had. For example in Julia's first couple of shows that aired the studio had no stove but only had a low-quality electric hot plate and she had to deal with her situation. I don't know if I would be able to handle a situation like Julia did but maybe if I was under pressure I could have pulle that off but I highly doubt that.


KBAR 21: The Hospital

Here we go again Day being his usual self, on his mission to save the world. You are probably wondering why this posts title is "The Hospital". Well you are abut to find out. In these past few pages that I have read Day goes on an adventure to the hospital, which I think is cool because what he does at the hospital really gives us readers more of an idea of how much of superhero he is for his family. For example Day semi sneaks into the hospital to get some medicine for his family. What I mean by "semi sneaks" is that his first intention was just to sneak inside the hospital but that is not how everything turned out for him. Day ended up getting CAUGHT, "dum, dum, dum" (suspense sound). So Day not trying to get his identity figured out he just acts like if he did get hurt. But the hospital people sort of have a feeling that he is faking it. So he asks to go to the restroom. While he is in there he goes up to the pipe things. So Day does all that just to go and get some medicine for his family. Wow I don't know how he can do all of that so calmly. Day must have some darn terrific acting skills.


KBAR 19: Troublemaker June

In these past pages I have been reading it starts to introduce June to us more. The more into the book I get it starts to reveal him. The way that I think that the author is trying to show us is by him at his school and the the teachers having appointments and meetings with his older brother. They usually say the same things like "June has been doing unauthorized things." or "When June comes back we expect him to be behave in a better way then he has left.". In my opinion I just think that they are trying to make us think that he is bad even though I think that towards the final chapters he really is a good kid and he just doesn't like the way that society is running. He is just like Day here because they are both being rebellious but it is because they believe that the government is doing bad things and things they should not be doing.


KBAR 18: Two People

So far from what I can see is that this book is that kind that is told by two different people. One of them is name Day which we are introduced to in all of the odd chapters and then we have this character that is named June who talks to us in all of the even chapters. June and Day have not met or have in relationship together in any way so far from what I have picked, but I predict that probably later more on in the book they will meet or have to work with each other since they are both in situations. I feel like Day and June are some what the same in ways but also they are different in many ways. Just like they have there differnces in just how they are even there situations that they are in are very similar but very different at the same time isn't that wired? At least I think so.